I have over 20 years experience of providing medicolegal reports. Most of these concern alleged medical negligence where a claim is being made against a doctor or a hospital. I also write reports in cases where an injury to the eye has occurred at work or elsewhere.

I can see clients either at my home in Coventry or, if more convenient, I can see them in my own consulting room in central London.

I ensure that my reports are clear and comprehensive and address all of the important points of a case in a logical way. They comply fully with the rules of Court.

I have attended training courses in report writing and the responsibilities of a single joint expert and I have also given lectures on medicolegal work.

I have experience of giving evidence in court.

Last year I wrote over 250 reports.

If you are a solicitor, please feel free to download my CV and Terms and Conditions. This lists some of the types of cases that I have been involved in recently.

The best way to contact me is to send me an email.

If you have a potential case, then if you send me some brief details, I will be able to provide you (at no cost) with my initial views. The chances are that I will have written a report in the past on a similar case.